3 Poems

Moritz Weber

Moritz Weber, born 1981, lives in Saarbrücken, Germany, and by profession is a mathematician.

“I started writing and reading poetry about twelve years ago, and since then it evolved to be a substantial part of mylife. Although it is officially “just a hobby”, it is much more for me: writing is a kind of a log book of my thoughts, if I don’t write something down for a week it is as if I hadn’t thought at all. So, for me mathematics and poetry are just two ways of exploring the world” – Moritz


rich = successful

big salary = hard work

school with high tuition fees = good education

chances = equal

jobless = your fault

free market = rational

luxury = happiness

politics = disappointment

future = hopeless

my view = insignificant


Don’t worry

Don’t worry

Party your life!


Enjoy yourself!

Ignore misery!

No doubts!

Think positive!

In money we trust!

You can get it if you really want!

The winner takes it all!

Don’t look back!


(no title)






3 thoughts on “3 Poems

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  2. Here is a different kind of take by a mathematician on poetry, this is by Melvin Fitting from New York.

    I have read Mr. Tennyson and I
    think he is a very nice poet.
    He uses words very well,
    paying attention to when words
    sound similar,
    when sounds are skew symmetric
    when syllables place themselves in diagonal opposition
    and vowels and consonants cut transverse across the lines.
    His geometry is faultless
    Euclidean romantic,
    His rhymes and rhythms follow necessary truths,
    Aristotelian logic, to be sure,
    Yet warm and weepy
    Brown, and smelling of tobacco
    Possibly not entirely wholesome
    Yet what can be expected?
    fields were never green in summer until the color snapshot.
    Mathematics is all they had.
    Though still it is really nice mathematics.
    I like reading Mr. Tennyson’s poems
    very much.

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