Content & Contributors – July 2014

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ঠেক (এবং বক্তব্য: `ঠেক’-এর পক্ষ থেকে দ্যুতি মুখার্জি)


Afsar – A Piece Of Bread, A Country, And A Shehnai (Translated From Telugu, By The Poet)

Madhushree Basu – আয়নানগর

Sanhita Bandyopadhyay – বন্ধুর জন্য কয়েক টুকরো

Soumitra Guha – কবিতাগুচ্ছ

Nandini Dhar – অবান্তর মুহূর্তের ইতিহাসবিদ

Arjun ChaudhuriOur Homesteads (Translated from Bangla. Original: আমাদের ঘরবাড়ি, অমিতাভ দেব চৌধুরী )


Sucheta DasguptaWings Of Grass – A Memoir

Koel MitraCulture And The Market: The Emergence Of Coffee Table Books

Gargi Sengupta – Literature Of The Chick, By The Chick, For The Chick?

Souvik Ghoshal –  মুসলিম সমাজ সংস্কার ও রাজনীতি নিয়ে কিছু যুক্তি তর্ক

Jul`জয় শ্রীরাম’-এর নেপথ্যে

Rupa Aich – আমার কথা 


Avinaba Sarkarpls. i beg you

Meera SrikantIntimate Secrets – A Decalogue


Neeraja SahasrabuddheVarkari – A People’s Festival Of Poetry, Philosophy And Spirituality

Kamal LodayaEclipse At Tawang


Jigisha Bhattacharya – এমন দিনে তারে

Srikant RanganathanEveryday Colours


Ru Das – রু’র ছবি


Avinaba Sarkar – তিন পুরুষ (Three Generations) – short film


Sarbajaya Bhattacharya – রানী কাহিনী

Neeraja SahasrabuddheWorld Before Her

  • Illustrations 

Sourav Dey – for A Piece Of Bread, A Country, And A Shehnai

Swarna Jana – for কবিতাগুচ্ছ

Koustabh Chakraborty – for  অবান্তর মুহূর্তের ইতিহাসবিদ

Debi Das – for বন্ধুর জন্য কয়েক টুকরো

  • Without whom, all this would be nowhere

We are thoroughly grateful to Chiranjib Paul for composing all the Bangla pieces. We thank Pramod Gupta, Soumyajit Pramanick, Sudip Manna, Somnath Mukhopadhyay for helping us in many different ways in bringing this issue out. We can never thank our illustrators enough, who are always given the shortest possible notice from our side to come up with their work. Special thanks to Little magazine `Thek’ (ঠেক), in particular Dyuti and Koel, who made us aware of this excellent magazine, gave us access to their archive and allowed us to scan and upload one of the issues of their magazine as our `Little Magazine of the Month’.

– Editors

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