Teen Purush (তিন পুরুষ) – A Short Film

Avinaba Sarkar

“I was born in a nuclear family with no brother or sister to play or fight with and because our house was far from where my grand parents lived we only paid them occasional visits. Thus my grand parents became charterers for me whom I discovered from the stories that my father would tell me of his childhood. Most fascinating among them I found were stories about my grandfather. After he passed away I wanted to preserve his memories, so when I wanted to make a film he naturally became my subject. In Teen Purush I have tried to show how even today my grandfather lives in the stories told by my father.” – Avinaba 

Or directly go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnLUsHsTi4c.

One thought on “Teen Purush (তিন পুরুষ) – A Short Film

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