Content & Contributors – November 2014

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Apar 2007 (Pujo)


Debarchana Sarkarগল্প ও কবিতারা

Mitrava Banerjeeতিনটি কবিতা

Mihir VatsaFive Poems

Dinabandhu Bhattacharya – আননপুস্তকের কবিতা

Sara Basuআবহমান

Avinaba Sarkarজীবন তোঃ

Elishiba Kuiইশকাপনের রাত


Rohan Halder –  জোঁকাবুড়ো ও কঙ্কাবতী

Kalpana RentalaThe Fifth Wall…

Srabani Dasguptaঅন্য আকাশ

Sharanya Dutta ভাইফোঁটা

Maitreyee Sarkarপার্বতী কথা

Arnab Duttaহা হা সময়


Debashis Aich – নিমকাঠির জীবন

Rana Alam মুসলমানের কিসসা

Nandini Dhar – How To Solve The Problem of Udayan: Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Lowland

Ravi KunjwalBooks Abandoned

Rupa Aichআমার জীবন কাটে উত্তরের অপেক্ষায়

Sarmishta ManiOur Past In Our Present Age


#HokKolorob – A Compilation: Where Art Becomes The Language Of Protest

Swarna Jana – Slices Of Rain

Soumadeep Sen & Madhushree BasuThe Blue Umbrella – A Graphic Poem


Meera Srikant Jungle trails (A trip to Kabini River Lodge)


Arjun RajendranSmiling And Other Animals

Sumit GhoshLe Pont Howrah


Arindam Srimaniকু ঝিক ঝিক (Ku Jhik Jhik – a Bengali short film with English subtitles)


Kamal Lodaya – A Play, A Book, Two Nations (Girish Karnad’s ‘Boiled Beans On Toast’ & Haruki Murakami’s ‘Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage’)

  • Without Whom All This Would Be Nowhere

We vehemently thank Pramod Gupta, Chiranjib Paul and Soumyajit Pramanick, who have practically done all the dirty work behind getting this issue out. We are indebted to the bunch of our little illustratorsRu Das, Joyeeta Karan and Saptak Dasgupta for not only their contributions but also their absolute professional sincerity and dependability – kudos! We thank Arijit Chakravarty and Aneyezine for their archival work on the recent protest movement at Jadavpur university, part of which we have presented here. Last but not at all the least, we would like to thank The Seagull Foundation For The Arts, in particular Megha Malhotra and Paroma Sengupta for their warm invitation and collaboration on behalf of their Story-telling project ‘Peace Works‘. We are looking forward to working further ahead with the artworks created by the children participants of the same project.

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