Ru’s Painting

Ru Das

“Last night – it was quite late – almost eleven – Ru was reading some stories. Did not at all like it when I asked her to go to sleep. Just sat there and contemplated. So I said, I’m going to sit there and contemplate too. Her mother was fast asleep. I was reading too. She stayed awake for a long time – stiff neck, stiff jaws, stiff eyes – and then started  to draw. I casually asked while reading Sharadindu Omnibus – ‘what is it?’ Still pissed. No reply. Showed me when finished. A Brahmin is burning a dead body on a pyre and his wife is cooking a little distance away. I asked – ‘whose body is it?’ – ‘somebody’s’ – she said.” – Dad Ru



One thought on “Ru’s Painting

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