Poem By Kanchan Chatterjee

Kanchan Chatterjee is a 47 year old male executive, working in the ministry of finance, government of India. He is from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand India. Although he does not have any literary background, he loves poetry and scribbles as and when he feels the urge. His poems have appeared in various online and print journals, namely, Eclectic Eel, Mad Swirl, Shot Glass Journal, Jellyfish Whisperer, Bare Hands Poetry, River Muse, Decanto Ygradsil , Off the Coast, Red Booth Review, Electric Windmill Press, Under the Basho, Oddity, Coldnoon, Randomly Accessed Poetics, Cease Cows,A Hundred Gourds , Camroc Press, Dukool, Ink Sweat & Tears etc. He was one of the nominees of the Pushcart Awards, 2012.

13287 South Bihar Express

She put her prayer beads down, said
she lived in Dharmasala – had seen Dalai Lama –

She was on her way
to Bodhgaya. . .

Then suddenly remembering –
pulled out a bottle of hand lotion and a pack of
face cream
out of her bag

While looking at the hills
out the moving

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