Editorial – May 2017

It’s been awhile since we last published an online issue.

In the mean time, we haven’t been completely hibernating in darkness. Publications in print for the last Kolkata Bookfair, to-be-published books and journals, various forms of existential crises akin to alternate publications and a surprising amount of apparently invisible labour that cannot be evaluated by existing laws of economy kept us busy.

Not that there has been a dearth of darkness during the months we took leave from this digital platform. Elections, lynchings, demonetizations, suicides, riots, water scarcities, land-grabs, unfair court verdicts, controversially fair death penalties, losses of jobs, hopes, lives. We had enough to read about. So did you.

A note on our future online issues : We are working towards uphauling this digital platform bit by bit, changing its essential texture. Stay tuned! We will be back soon. Maybe sooner!


A PDF version of this online issue can be found here.

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