Editorial & Content : September 2017

We are going to complete 4 years within the next couple of months. We have had lots fun working on our little web-journal. We have learnt a lot about editing and publishing in the last few years. The process has also been painful and difficult at times, especially during these troubled contemporary times. But, we are stubborn folks, with no plans of quitting so far.

A short declaration: we have been thinking quite a bit about where we can go from here. And, we are beginning to believe, the needs of our times demand that we publish our online issues more frequently. Consequently, we are planning to publish at least once a month, and often with smaller number of contributions.

While we will continue to publish fiction and poetry, we will also shift our focus more to non-fiction writing in both English and Bangla. So, if you are wondering where to send in that non-fiction piece, feel free to try us. We are especially keen on pieces that would address the multiple ways in which the dual threat of religious fundamentalism and neoliberalism continue to endanger our already precarious lives in India, and elsewhere in the globe.

That’s all for now. Let’s keep fighting, in whatever ways we can. Try to stay safe. Let’s not allow anyone to steal our democratic rights, identities, environments, languages, or lives….

A PDF of this online issue is downloadable from this link for offline reading.


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Siddhartha Basu –  কবিতা; ছবি – স্বর্ণ জানা

Kanupriya DhingraTwo Poems; Image – Madhushree Basu

Devanshi Khetarpal – Four Poems; Image – Soumyajit Pramanick

Trivarna HariharanDeserted; Illustration – Swarna Jana


Madhubanti Talukdar – General Tales Of Ordinary Madness; Illustration – Swarna Jana

Akshat Jain – An Appalling Lack Of Ambition : Three Stories; Image – Soumyajit Pramanick

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