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ISSN 2454 –146X

Aainanagar is an online little magazine – like a little portmanteau filled with little shiny things – a kleptomaniac’s chamber. The name itself is stolen from a song woven by Lalan Fakir. It says: A neighbour dwells in the city of mirrors near my home – oh I never saw his face.

আমার বাড়ির কাছে আরশিনগর, তাতে এক পড়শি বসত করে। আমি একদিন-ও না দেখিলেম তারে।

Aainanagar archives works of literature, art and life from other little magazines as well as from what it sees, experiences, appreciates and sometimes is rendered speechless by – as it goes on. It grabs whatever little piece of creation attracts it.

Aainanagar owes its birth to the sudden but long-feared halt in the journey of Apar – a Bangla little magazine evolving for eighteen years since 1994, from Jonie-dar canteen adjacent to Presidency college, to Budo-dar cha-er dokan – a tea shop leaning on the North wall of Calcutta University main campus, via Manoj-dar press at Serpentine Lane, Patiram-er dokan at College Street Mor,  Calcutta Book fair Little magazine corner and wherever else in the world it desired. One of the principal mottoes of Aainanagar happens to be (almost rightfully) stolen from Apar:  We do not deny, we do not follow.

Aainanagar is a bilingual little magazine of literature, art and activism, holding a platform for those, whose works bear the sincerity, urgency and desperation known to be required for every genesis.  We are ever-enthusiastic about knowing our neighbours, who think or create alike, tangential or diagonally opposite.

If you do so too, we will be glad to hear from you.


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