Third Identity (তৃতীয় প্রকৃতি): A Documentary

Chitrangada: An Initiative Against Gender Discrimination


‘Third Identity’ (তৃতীয় প্রকৃতি) is a collage of experiences, painted in the colours of the rainbow. In fact, not one collage, but two. One of them – the documentary – goes on-screen. The other one stays off-screen, consisting of many incidents and stories associated with the making of this documentary. This off-screen collage portrays a significant journey of Chitrangada, in which we – its members – learned to look at life from a different viewpoint. On one hand, each stage of the making of this documentary enriched us as gender activists, as humans. On the other hand, the first-hand narratives of discrimination and dehumanization on the trans persons made us more and more determined to go on with our efforts. The documentary shows how the patriarchal society preaches ‘normalcy’ and persecutes the trans individuals, how the community continues to struggle against this oppressive reality. We have been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of this brave indomitable struggle through our documentary. We have also documented the unpleasant truth about how our governments have always been contemptuous, abusive, violent and inhuman towards the rights of this community. Through this work, Chitrangada has not tried to do an in-depth theoretical analysis. The motive has been to bring certain truths out into broad daylight. These are the truths that the mainstream media ignores, for there is no assured TRP out of them. Chitrangada aspires to enlighten as many people as they can about these truths, start discussions and debates so that gradually more and more voices take up the demand for transgender rights.

The documentary can be seen here or directly from this link.


Chaay Garam: A Documentary

Activist Canvas

Minimum Wage Act was passed as a legislation in 1948. And it was said to be meant for the workers. But the tea garden workers of Darjeeling hills-Terai-Dooars and Assam are deprived of it. The workers in the tea gardens of southern India are paid much higher in comparison to their counterparts in West Bengal and Assam. The workers are mostly deprived of the benefits they deserve according to the Plantation Labour Act 1951. The entire region goes on witnessing malnutrition-starvation and rally of death. This has become a common scenario in this tea-belt since last 10-15 years.

But things cannot end in just facing deprivation helplessly. At the end it is people, the struggling people, who write the history, the history of winning their own right. An unprecedented struggle is flaring up now in the tea gardens of hills-terai-dooars. Workers from all strata are gathering in the path of struggle. They are demanding for determination and implementation of minimum wage. They would not settle in anything lesser. How could we keep ourselves apart from that heat? Thus comes this film. Snippets of documentation of this historic struggle of the tea garden workers.

Watch it here or for better view directly from the vimeo link.