Poems By Manasa R.

Manasa writes because she has so much to tell. Until quite recently, she was only a reader. Now that she has discovered that she actually enjoys writing, she just cannot put the pen (or the keyboard) down. She tweets actively @imbindassM about her multiple interests including literature, cinema, Bollywood, television, narrative journalism, languages, art and fashion. She is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in English literature from Women’s Christian College, Chennai.

A Saree

The six-yard garment
Restricts my movement.
I nearly slip and
Fall on my face.
My hand keeps going
To my waist,
A constant worry
Plagues my mind –
“Am I showing too much skin?”
I see someone leering at me.
Nervously, my hand moves
To my blouse,
Are my straps showing?
A lady next to me
Covers herself fully
With the pallu.
I do the same thing,
Feel relieved.
Looking outside with new eyes
I can only see ‘restriction’
Written on all the
Sari-clad women.
Restriction. Claustrophobia.
A rule somebody has
Forced upon them.
I can no longer say,
“It’s so pretty! And
Very flattering!”
Will no longer beg
My mother and sisters
To wear one of theirs.
Restlessly waiting for that moment
When I can shed this
Off from my body,
When I can finally breathe…

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