Red : A Retelling

Seoti Bhattacharya

Seoti used to work as an editorial assistant in a reputed publishing house in Kolkata; currently at the same time as enjoying her married self, she is preparing herself for PhD entrance while pursuing her second Master’s degree, in English. Writing short stories, poems and essays on various topics is her artistic pursuit; blogging is her way of making herself heard. She started writing when she was twenty-five and since then, she has adhered to it seriously. She finds that writing helps her reach out and connect to people; she thinks of writing as her purpose in life. An avid reader of horror, fantasy and detective/thriller fiction, she has just started working on her first novel and finds it a mixed experience.

Not very long ago, there lived a girl called Red, with her brother, Chad, and her mother, in a small house in a very small town situated near a dense forest. Notwithstanding the fact that her father had gone missing when she was still a baby and, therefore, she hardly remembered anything about him except what he had looked like, she was a happy girl who loved to spend her days helping others.

To all those who knew her, it was no great mystery why she had such a strange name – for she had a head of bright auburn hair that really looked quite red. In fact, the winter she was born, her father had given her a bright red poncho, which she had preserved safely as the only gift she had ever had from her father, who had gone missing shortly thereafter.

One winter morning, Red’s mother called her into the kitchen and handing her a basket, which contained some fresh fruits, a jar of home-made cookies and some bread, asked her to go and visit her ailing grandmother who lived alone in a small house in another small town situated on the other side of the forest.

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