Basirhat Reports/Part VIII. Bangladeshis Among Basirhat Troublemakers?

Biswajit Roy

Biswajit is a journalist and associated with democratic movements.

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Chief minister Mamata Banerjee blamed Narendra Modi-led Centre for facilitating the entry of hardcore Jamat-e-Islami vandals from Bangladesh during the flare up in order to defame TMC government and implement the BJP-RSS game-plan for communal polarization. According to her, BSF had opened the border gates to the miscreants from the other side at some points while allowing them to sneak in through other parts of porous border. The state intelligence department has already leaked a report to local media on the routes used for smuggling men and weapons.

In the wake of Khagragarh explosion in Burdwan two years back that exposed Jamat-e-Mujahedin Bangladesh network earlier, BJP had blamed Mamata for harboring Islamic fundamentalist and terrorist forces from the neighboring country for electoral gains.

However all of our minority community interlocutors denied involvement of Bangladeshi Jamatis even if they insist on the role of ‘outsiders’. “When we say outsiders we mean people who are from outlying villages who were not known in the troubled localities. But for Kolkata leaders and mediamen, it means Bangladeshis. If miscreants from across the borders have been smuggled in with firearms, many people would have died.  The weapons we had seen at the blockades were mainly timber logs and tree branches freshly tore off,” Kamarazzuman said. Elder Amin too dismissed it. “I don’t want to be part of the centre-state political spat. Why BSF will allow Jamatis when national prestige and security is at stake,” he said.

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