Poems By Deeptesh Sen

Deeptesh Sen is currently pursuing his M.Phil. in English at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. His poetry has been published in The Statesman, Kolkata, the Journal of Poetry Society, India, the Stare’s Nest and the Crab Fat Literary Magazine. He blogs at www.deeptesh.net .


Move across laughter
like false memory.

Travel across your dream,
with the failing corpse of memory.

Laughter descends
like a mad man’s perfume
across the floor of your memory.

You never spoke to the prophet
when they bombed your lover,
flâneur of memory.

Her hair was woven with sunshine,
you always buried her naked in your memory.

Doors open like in dreams,
her laughter always had a way of spreading
in your memory.

When you made love,
you thought she was endless,
her laughter still echoes in your memory.

Desire now becomes fear of mourning,
even her laughter was a trick
of your memory.

Her every movement was an absence,
her language was a death of memory.

Beneath the laughter,
the sliding is endless,
her forgetfulness casts a shadow across your memory.

Her laughter decides the quiet suicide of history,
the sacrifice is selfless in her memory.

Her laughter is like poison,
she knows she is god
playing dice with your memory.

Quietly, she toys with your conscience,
you are now a figment of her memory.


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