An Appalling Lack Of Ambition : Three Stories

Akshat Jain

Akshat is a fiction-writer. These three stories are part of a larger collection of short-stories under the same name.

Small Pecker in the Boys’ Shower


‘Hey, look, look how small his pecker is.’

‘Yeah, it’s really small, how come it’s so small asshole?’

‘Hahahaha look its standing, he is getting erect, holy shit.’

‘Hey, fag, you got a small dick.’

‘Asshole, are you a fag?’

‘He is a fag guys, his fuckin’ dick is standing up.’

‘It is erect motherfucker, it’s not a man, it can’t stand up.’

‘Don’t go on my mother.’

‘I am not going on your mother, I am talking about you fucking her.’

‘I will fuck your mother smartass.’

‘As long as you are fucking your own mother, I don’t care who else you fuck.’

That day, those two 13 year olds fought in the shower to save the honour of a woman in the company of future men. J waited for all the boys to get into a huddle around them before slinking away. He was good at that, one of the two things he was good at, the other being keeping quiet.

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