The Wind’s Asshole

Dan Timotin

Translated by Dan from the Romanian folktale Borta vântului, which has
been collected by Mihai Eminescu (poet, novelist, journalist from the
nineteenth century –  one of the most famous and influential
personalities from that era in Romania).


There was once a poor, very poor man – and he had plenty of children. There was famine in those times, and he worked a whole week for a scoop of grains. So now he went with them to the grinder. After grinding, just when he was out with his scoop of flour, a big storm started and took away all the flour in the scoop. Then he got into a terrible fury.

“I won’t let myself be done like this” – so he makes a wist of straw and starts his way.

A guy asks him:

– Where are you going, pal?

– I’m going to fill up the wind’s asshole, since he spread out my flour.

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