Poems & Translations By Marijana Janjić

“I’ve been forever intrigued by the word but it took some time to discover which way to use it exactly. I’ve tried writing short stories and plays, and there’s an unfinished novel in my computer. Poetry got me instead – short and wicked, it’s powerful miniature capable of expanding your universe, whether you write it or translate it. That’s why I write and that’s why I translate poems.” – Marijana

एनेस कीशेविच की कविता (Poems of Enes Kišević)

अनुवाद: मारियाना यानयीच (translated by Marijana Janjić)

Enes Kišević started writing a long time ago on a bank of river Sana in Bosnia. Years passed by, and the poetic word still flows through his life. He dreams of his poems and when they startle him from the sleep Enes puts them on a paper. His work has provoked musicians, actors and dancers to creation, and as he had put it – what else is art supposed to do? When he’s not putting words on paper, he can be found on stage as an actor. His poems can also be read in English, German, French, Italian, Arabic or Hungarian.

“As a poet and translator Enes and I met through a friend. The meeting happened at the moment I decided to translate again something into Hindi and at the same moment Enes wished for a translator who could take his word from Europe to other parts of the world.” – Marijana


समुद्र के किनारे पर
एक ही कुर्ते में
बालक और वायु।



रोटी का टुकड़ा दे रहा है
बच्चा मुँह से लेकर
खिले हुए गुलाब को।


3. रिश्ता

किसका नाम है तू ?
किस आकाशगंगा,
किस राष्ट्र,
किस जाति का है तू ?
यह ठीक नहीं, सच में,
कि तू दुनिया के चारों तरफ़ ऐसे चक्कर लगता है :
आज पूर्व की तरह,
कल पश्चिम की ओर।
तू अभी ही निश्चय कर
कि किसका है तू।
अंत में बता दे
अपना गाँव।
हमें यह जानना ज़रूरी है:
अगर कोई अनहोनी हो
कहाँ खोदे कबर तेरी ?
किस देश,
किस प्रदेश,
किस ज़िले में ?


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