Morning Stories

Jayanti Basu

A children’s fiction-addict.

Open your eyes

Open your eyes, Mayu. Ma. Ma is never late. Never ever forgets to call her in the morning.

Mayuri opened a quarter of her left eye. The muscles on her cheek twitched. The left side of her lower lip pushed upward. But she will not open her eyes fully. Not now.

There are many kinds of opening the eyes. Sometimes when you open your eyes in the morning, you feel something sticky and watery around. Feels like you have eaten a ripe guava and not washed your mouth properly. Champa Masi says, if you have seen bad things the day before, your eyes become sticky. On some other mornings, you think you will get up and snap! Your eyes are wide open. Like doors pushed out with a bang. Seeing good things does this.

Yesterday Mayuri saw her brother Lala throwing a big stone to a dog. The dog was hurt and ran away squeaking. Mayuri hates dogs; so she did not say anything. Perhaps her eyes will be sticky and watery today for the poor dog.

Open your eyes, Mayu. Time to get ready. Mayuri twisted her body over the purple flowers of the bed sheet and stretched her limbs. Lala is still fast asleep beside her.

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