These Young People

Meera Srikant

“Life has given me a window to relish every moment. It offers not just interesting sights, but opportunities to participate in meaningful ways that excite me.  I am a content developer, I write books and edit manuscripts for the publisher, a dancer, a mother of two children and a loving wife, I await, in all humility, for more surprises that life has to offer.” – Meera

“Did you hear?” Mini, short for Mrinalini, asked her friend Lakshmi. “Nandu’s niece has left her husband…”

“Really!” Lakshmi perked up. “Why? Hadn’t she run away with that man?”

“Yes, a different community too! I remember her parents were upset. Nandu had to intervene,” Mini smirked and Lakshmi winked. “All that for nothing!”

“Today’s youth… they don’t want to spare a thought. Just jump in and jump out!” Lakshmi complained. “Even my neighbour’s daughter divorced her husband because he was moving cities too often, disrupting her career.” She shrugged. “Really, I don’t know… I remember my mother packing bags and following my father through big and small cities when he was in government service…”

“Ya!” Mini replied eagerly. “See my own daughter-in-law! She is upset with my son because he refuses to go abroad. He thinks he is doing fine here… But she wants them to be abroad. They are seeing a counselor…” she grimaced. “When we elders try to intervene, they don’t like it…”

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