Four Poems By Shambhobi Ghosh

Shambhobi Ghosh is a recent graduate from King’s College London, UK, where she studied for a Master’s degree in English: 1850 to Present. Her creative works have found places in a number of national and international journals for poetry, such as Muse India, Ariadne’s Thread, UK, Reach Poetry, UK, and anthologies such as Inspired by Tagore and Inspired by My Museum (published by British Council and Sampad, UK). Her first collection of poetry titled A Stranger’s Conversation was self-published in 2014 from Authorspress, India. Her translations have previously appeared in the anthology Bharatiya Engreji Kobita, (Abhijan Publishers, Kolkata) and the Tinpahar e-journal. In 2016, she was awarded the Sera Bangali: Kalker Sera Ajke Award by the ABP Media Group in West Bengal. She is currently assistant-editor at Stree-Samya Books, Kolkata.

The Parting

If I wake up tomorrow
forgetting all this rain
the night before,
the howls of thunder
throbbing lethal against
trembling window panes,
and only mildly wonder
at the aftermath outside
that reveals the broken boughs,
the torn leaves, the ravaged nest,
the dead sparrow

will I still remember
your receding footsteps
as you turned and vanished
without warning –
never promising to be more than
just a dream?

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