Calcutta Circa 11th Nov 2015

Debarun Sarkar

Debarun Sarkar sleeps, eats, reads, smokes, drinks, labors and occasionally writes and submits them.

Note: The following pictures were found distributed across various local intranets. The owners of the pictures remain untraceable. Blame it on myth.

D had lately gotten tired of C.
C for city.
C for Calcutta.
C for caution.


Photography is something he had always been unconcerned about.
The saturation of the visual media around him bothered him.
Law too was something he had always been bad at.
He wondered if studying to be a lawyer might have led his life down a better path.
Prohibition signs around C bothered him. Hence, he wondered if these prohibitions had legal consequences, repercussions…


He came to the conclusion hence, that trial and error would be the best way to verify the extent, consequences, validity and the reach of L.
L for law.
L for logic.

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