Her Mother’s Daddy

Sucheta Dasgupta

Sucheta. Short story writer. Sees the world through the three lenses of freedom, history and dream. Horror is her favourite genre.

Chet feels electric. At last, at long, long last, she knows. The world is in its place and she(!) has the key to it in her own two hands.

She finds this particular key lying on the mattress in the upstairs room of her mamabari, days before Granddaddy dies.


The morning Granddaddy dies, however, her cousin turns up at the apartment house of Mrs M at Shibnath Bhavan, fifth floor, bang beside the landmark railway overbridge on Gariahat Road, where Chet lives as paying guest. Chet has just landed a job giving computer lessons to rich housewives and bored kids on their summer breaks and today is her first assignment. She is also, at this juncture of her life, seeing a gentleman, who will later become her weirman, meaning the person who would have as one of his perceived duties the task of husbanding her not-so-meagre, neither-overly-ample energies and resources for a considerable part of his life. Mrs M receives her cousin courteously as apposite to her generous nature and informs Chet with suitable gravity that her elderly relative has breathed his last.

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